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Credit and Bankruptcy / Filing Bankruptcy

One Common Concern that Keeps Consumers from Filing Bankruptcy

Is filing for bankruptcy really as damaging as you think it is? For a while, people have been avoiding bankruptcy because of the supposed negativity that happens afterwards.  Things really have changed and as more consumers get educated about bankruptcy and how it can help you, you may see this option in a new light…. Read more »

Credit and Bankruptcy / Filing Bankruptcy

Why It Is Important to Review Your Credit Report Before Filing Bankruptcy

Why You Should Review Your Credit Report Before Filing Bankruptcy You may hear about why it is important to review your credit report annually to make sure information is current and being reported properly to the credit bureaus. But anyone considering bankruptcy should also review their credit report before filing bankruptcy to make sure they include all… Read more »

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Why You Should Not Be Afraid to File Bankruptcy

There are a number of misconceptions about bankruptcy with many consumers under the impression that filing will hurt them.  Fortunately, the process can help you and once you gain the necessary knowledge and get clarity about filing, it may improve your financial situation in more ways than one.  In short, if you are unsure about… Read more »

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What Happens When Creditors Try to Collect after My Bankruptcy is Discharged?

When you receive a discharge at the end of your bankruptcy case you are not responsible for paying the debt.  A discharge basically extends the protection of the automatic stay that went into effect when you filed your petition.  Debts not eligible for discharge may continue to be the responsibility of the debtor.  On the… Read more »