Can Your Job Help Cut Medical Bills

August 7th, 2012 by Reed Allmand

Can Your Job Help Cut Medical Bills

Believe it or not, if you’re worried about potential medical bills, you may want to change jobs. A decade or two ago health insurance was covered by employers and that was a given. The employee rarely had to pay anything toward their insurance coverage (and their family’s coverage as well) and if they did it was minimal. Boy, how times have changed. Now the health package that an employer provides its employees should be a major consideration when taking a new job. Imagine the difference a good, work-funded health insurance plan would make to an employee with serious medical problems versus a good paying job that didn’t offer any health benefits. In the long run the health insurance plan is much more valuable than the salary of the other job.

 If you are employed and don’t plan on leaving your current position, then it might be time to talk to your company’s HR department to see if you’re taking full advantage of the health insurance benefits that may be offered at your job. Look into any cafeteria plans that let you set aside money, pre-tax, to be paid toward healthcare expenses throughout the year. Also there may be incentives to employees who sign up for wellness programs and even gym memberships. If you’re married to someone who also works, compare the two health insurance plans to see if switching from one to the other offers more coverage and additional incentives.

Finally, get proactive with your company. Start pushing for small bonuses the company can to do incent the employees to be healthy. Try organizing a fitness competition. Check to see if you can arrange a vaccine day at your place of employment. Push for a smoke free work environment.

 Whatever you do, don’t overlook your job as a place to start cutting medical bills and to begin a healthy outlook.


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