Stopping Collection Attempts from Creditors with Bankruptcy

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Should I Stop Using My Credit for a Certain Time Period before Filing Bankruptcy?

Credit card use may be a concern for debtors experiencing job loss or those finding it a challenge to make ends meet. While juggling daily expenses many have a hard time meeting debt obligations. Bankruptcy may be the next step for those who are considering the option. Many consumers understand they should stop using their… Read more »

Bankruptcy / Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

How is Credit Card Debt Handled in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps debtors reorganize their debt into manageable payments scheduled over a certain time period.  When it comes to credit card debt, the amount you pay may vary depending on multiple factors.  If you make necessary payments according to your plan you may qualify to have any remaining credit card debt discharged or… Read more »

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Most Common Divorce Questions Asked during a Consultation

Having a consultation with a divorce attorney allows the legal professional to learn about your situation and determine how to proceed.  The consultation is also beneficial for the spouse seeking legal representation.  Not only will it help in determining the best course of action, in most cases, it allows the spouse to review their personal… Read more »