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Allmand Law has two very great ladies employed there.  Kimberly and Susan have been two very important people to my wife and I.  They are fantastic and extremely helpful ladies.  I had many questions and concerns about bankruptcy and these two have not only been helpful, but have always had all the answers to every question I had.  They are very pleasant people with which to speak and I have ended every phone call very satisfied.  If they could not answer my question right then they got back with me in a timely manor.

Allmand Law is a fortunate to have these two great ladies that know exactly how to make the clients feel like they are important to the business.  Any organization should be proud to have two such ladies working for them.  I have been impressed with Allmand Law and am glad to know such experienced ladies willing share their knowledge as well as making clients feel comfortable.  I would advise any one considering bankruptcy to look to Allmand Law simply because they just might get the chance to experience two very caring people.

Because of Kimberly and Susan, I wanted to let someone know how good an experience I have had.  Thank you very much for your time.

-William (Bill) Daniel


Why do I need to submit a new wage order when I modify my plan

When we modify your bankruptcy plan we are changing your plan payments. This means that we have to get with your employer and change the terms and amount of your wage order. The only way we can do that is by filling out a new wage order form.  

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What happens if the stay terminates on my home?

If the bankruptcy stay terminates on your home that means that even though your in bankruptcy, your creditor can pursue all there legal remedies they can pursue if you were not in bankruptcy. This includes foreclosure, and having your house sold and evicting you from your house.

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