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How High Does Your FICO Score Need To Be?

A recent report on lending revealed that 46 percent of all loans made in the consumer credit market were made to debtors with a FICO score over 750. That’s nearly half! And it’s not that many debtors are suddenly seeing their credit scores shoot up, it’s that lenders are still finicky about who they will […]

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Don’t Be Fooled By “Free” Credit Health Companies

It’s been seven years since credit bureaus have been required by law to provide Americans with annual access to their credit reports, at no charge; but the the web site created to manage the process has been overshadowed by a variety of companies claiming they can offer “free” credit health reports leaving many consumers confused […]

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Credit Card Penalty Rates vs. Penalty Fees

Making a late payment on your credit card has always carried a heavy penalty.  Most prime credit card issuers will dramatically increase a debtor’s interest rate for one missed payment.  The penalty interest rate is typically called the “default rate.”  The average default rate for credit card issuers is 27.88 percent, and more than half […]