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Past Newsletters

newsletter-aug2013August 2013
In this issue:

  • Lawsuits
  • Deciding on Bankruptcy
  • Student Loan Rates
  • Back-to-School Tips

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newsletter-july2013July 2013
In this issue:

  • Overdraft Woes
  • Medical Debt: a Leading Cause of Bankruptcy
  • Allmand’s 7 Steps to 720
  • Happy Fourth of July!

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newsletter-may2013May 2013
In this issue:

  • Avoid or Delay Foreclosure of Your Home by
    Seeking Bankruptcy Protection
  • You Want a Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Get a “Fresh Start” With a
    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Canceling Tax Liability for
    Certain Property Loans

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newsletter-april2013April 2013
In this issue:

  • Trapped by Student Debt? We Can Help!
  • Do I Need to Bring Anything to a Bankruptcy Consultation?
  • The Family Place, Dallas TX
  • 7 Most Tax Credits That Many Taxpayers Miss

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newsletter-march2013March 2013
In this issue:

  • The Good Guys of Allmand Law
  • Allmand Law’s Cash Values Church Debt Free Counseling Program
  • Famous Bankruptcies
  • The History of the Easter Basket

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newsletter-feb2013February 2013
In this issue:

  • The Fiscal Cliff and Your Paycheck
  • The Top 8 Bankruptcy Myths
  • The Legend of Saint Valentine
  • 5 Reasons to Close a Credit Card

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