God Bless and God Bless your expertise for your profession. We will take this opportunity to thank you.

Personally, I did not understand what “Bankruptcy” was and why this step is like power tools to help us have a fresh start. We are in the situation of negative—paycheck to paycheck, unable to buy our groceries without using a card. I and my husband really tried our best to pay our creditors in a timely manner to have a good credit score and to have a good relationship to our creditors. Unfortunately, some creditors and banks just charged up whatever they want, just to push you to do what you do not want to. My husband contacted your office and set an appointment. While we are sitting in the waiting area, I keep my eye open and observe, and wondering to all peoples reaction. I am nervous and scared.

And here you are, full of smiles, very encouraging, very professional, very knowledgeable to explain what is our situation and that we are not alone, and we have a solution. You are extremely efficient and very easy to work with and explained the difference of Debt Consolidation, Chapter 7 and Bankruptcy, and I will never forget our experience. I am speechless, and I do not know how to express our appreciation to your wonderful staff. Ms. DeeDee knows her business; she is very approachable and knowledgeable. I am highly pleased to have this opportunity to express our deep appreciation of her great contribution in the process of Bankruptcy. She has been extremely responsive to our needs. She displays a high level of professionalism. Clients tend to fear the worst when we hear what people say. Ms. DeeDee calmly described the situation, put everything in focus and put me at ease. She has a way of simplifying the matter so I understand clearly how we are going to move forward. She is not only doing a great job, but she has a compassion and understanding about our situation. This is the reason why I need to email and tell you. It was a great opportunity to do business with you.