Looking for a mortgage? But finding the credit market so tight that even if your score is nearly perfect the terms and conditions are almost impossible to meet? Well Uncle Sam, who has now increased its share of the mortgage market to around 90 percent, up from 55 percent last year, may be the only game in town. And the Treasury Department is now considering a new plan that would push mortgage rates down to as little as 4.5 percent in an effort to stimulate the housing market. But if the plan is approved, it will only be available to new 30-year fixed rate mortgages or refinanced loans.

The Treasury Department did not offer any details on this new plan designed to relieve pressure on the stagnating housing industry. But as we all know, the devil is in the details. Whatever plan the Treasury Department chooses to push next, I just hope it helps stop the foreclosure crisis, prevent the explosion of future foreclosures and help those who are currently facing toxic loans avoid foreclosure.