White House Party Crasher's Bankruptcy Will Continue Tareq Salahi, who along with his wife Michaele Salahi is infamous for crashing a White House party is also in bankruptcy.  Tareq Salahi’s winery, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December 2008 and was later converted to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will remain in bankruptcy despite Salahi’s request to dismiss the case.

Judge Robert G. Mayer of the Alexandria, Va., bankruptcy court, refused to dismiss the case of Oasis Vineyards Inc., which filed for Chapter 11 protection in December 2008 and converted to Chapter 7 liquidation this March. Tareq Salahi (who appears alongside his wife in the “Real Housewives of D.C.”) had sought the case’s dismissal on July 21, saying the bankruptcy wasn’t filed with the proper authority in the first place.

Salahi said that he is majority shareholder “by and through an exclusive power of attorney from Dirgham Salahi,” his father. Salahi claims his mother wrongly filed the bankruptcy case without consulting him and that the filing “may have compromised the wine business beyond repair.”

Tareq Salahi says that his mother misrepresented her authority to file bankruptcy and that he notified the bankruptcy trustee that the bankruptcy was filed in error.  But the bankruptcy trustee isn’t buying Salahi’s excuse for seeking a dismissal of the bankruptcy case.  The bankruptcy trustee contends that Salahi has had 19 months to challenge the bankruptcy; but failed to do so. Salahi benefited from the automatic stay of bankruptcy for all of this time but only recently has challenged the bankruptcy filing as flawed and unauthorized, according to the bankruptcy trustee.  The bankruptcy trustee also insists that the resolution of Salahi’s dispute with his mother will not change his decision to deny Salahi’s request to dismiss the bankruptcy case.