My vehicle has been repossessed. How can I get it back?

One of the biggest reasons that clients come to see me is because there car has been repossessed . Most car creditors in Texas are very unforgiving. If you are one to two car payments behind they are within there rights to immediately repossess your car. If you are like most people your car is the way that you make your living, it is the way that you get from one place to another.

In Texas we don’t have a very good transportation system so your car is very important. What I am able to do is I am able to file you a chapter 13 bankruptcy case, require that the creditor give it back to you. All that I have to prove to them is that the car is fully insured, file the bankruptcy schedules, and provide for payment for them.

Often time I am able to restructure the terms on your car note, including the interest rate and potentially the amount owed depending upon how long you have had the car. Even if the car has been repossessed before we filed the bankruptcy there is a certain time period in which I can make the creditor give it back to you and to protect your rights. So if your car has been repossessed you need to contact our office so that we can discuss those options with you.


Why do I need to submit a new wage order when I modify my plan

When we modify your bankruptcy plan we are changing your plan payments. This means that we have to get with your employer and change the terms and amount of your wage order. The only way we can do that is by filling out a new wage order form.  

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What happens if the stay terminates on my home?

If the bankruptcy stay terminates on your home that means that even though your in bankruptcy, your creditor can pursue all there legal remedies they can pursue if you were not in bankruptcy. This includes foreclosure, and having your house sold and evicting you from your house.

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