Our Client’s Testimonials

Read what clients say about our Texas Bankruptcy Attorneys

Robyn Frazier

Jacqueline at Allmand Law is the absolute best - warm, compassionate and professional. She walked me through the process smoothly and completely and her expertise was greatly appreciated. I am truly impressed, and so glad I finally made this call and had the good fortune to get connected to Jacqueline. I am looking forward to a promising future!

Janet Stubbs

I was in dire straights and really still am, but the folks at this company, especially, Jacqueline, eased my fears and stress! Very warm and I felt like they were really listening to me and my concerns! Great group of lawyers! And reasonable.

D Hanes

Allmand Law made the process of getting through chapter 13 bankruptcy much, much easier. They were always helpful and responsive to my questions and made sure I understood what to expect along the way. I'd recommend their services to anyone needing guidance thru the bankruptcy maze!! Thank you for helping ensure a successful process and discharge since 2016!!

Frank Oliver

I was in awe at how prompt, compassionate, and straightforward all of the staff were. I had no idea that my situation could yield such positive results. The results I obtained was much more than I had expected. My financial situation was out of control. My travels and trying to keep my spouse satisfied materialistically, buried with credit card debt. With a divorce pending, I need to clean out the closet of debts accumulated over the last four years since we remarried in Feb 2017. Jacuqueline opened my eyes on how to effectively resolve my crisis and how to look forward to a betterment of my financial future. I am blessed have had the Sunday episode with my vehicle which steered me towards Allmand Law Firm while searching for legal representation. Hopefully, I can get on with my life, rebound into a lifestyle that is comfortable, and with financial certainty. 5 stars Jacqueline.

Gina Vancleave

GP is amazing. Very helpful. Explains everything clearly in easy to understand format. Love everyone I have dealt with in this office. Highly recommend.

Alicia Griffin

Derrick Rodriguez was super informative and easy to talk to. You could tell he really wants to help you. He is compassionate about what he does. He spent over an hour with me over the phone explaining the process.

Sidnee Tijerina

I was so nervous about the process and just having to do it all. It was kind of depressing but making an appointment was super easy! I don’t remember the ladies name but she was very kind and took the time to get all my information to make it an easier process for my consultation the very next day! Derrick went above and beyond to make sure I understood my options, he gave me comfort knowing bankruptcy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. He gave me every option possible and offered me a payment plan that works for me. Yes services have to be paid for them to file on your behalf, but there’s not any company in the world that does everything for free and allows you to pay it back later. I also spoke with Taylor after that he was all so helpful and professional he explained everything they were going to need and insured that I felt comfortable and I understood everything. This company goes above and beyond to make sure your comfortable and ready for the process. Derrick and Taylor definitely are a great pair to work with if your in financial trouble!!

Spencer Suggs

Erika was amazing! The goal of any business is revenue, but how you achieve that matters and the values in which you pursue them determine what you’re company ethos is. I’d say this company operates with integrity as it’s #1 ethos based on how I was treated.

Travis Swindell

Louise and I want to thank each and everyone of you for the work that you put into this. I would definitely let your name be known to anyone that we see that has a problem

Monica Infante

I never in my life thought I need this, I was so worried, but Richard help me ease my stress and helped me breathe. Crystal was patient with me and both of them helped me get threw the process. Grateful...