Our Client’s Testimonials

Read what clients say about our Texas Bankruptcy Attorneys

Travis Swindell

Louise and I want to thank each and everyone of you for the work that you put into this. I would definitely let your name be known to anyone that we see that has a problem

Monica Infante

I never in my life thought I need this, I was so worried, but Richard help me ease my stress and helped me breathe. Crystal was patient with me and both of them helped me get threw the process. Grateful...

Kristi Haney

I am, so far, very pleased with this law firm. They are very knowledgeable and professional when it comes to whatever reason that you need their help. I'm just beginning this process and so far every contact I have had has been an informative encounter and they have been very kind and courteous. If I have questions or concerns, someone always gets back in touch with me within reasonable times. They work with you on your budget and what you can afford as far as getting started. I chose this law firm because they offer a payment plan ( granted the process can't be started until fees are paid) and they keep you abreast of all events. I was impressed they don't just handle a bankruptcy and leave you hanging, they offer credit counseling courses to help you understand your situation better. Then , though I haven't experienced it yet, they will help me get back on track to rebuilding a better credit so I can build a better future for me and my daughter .

Sheena Luttrull

After losing my job due to the pandemic and my unemployment being significantly less than what I was making I was terrified that I would lose everything I had worked for. They helped me keep my car by emergency filing and the follow up has been amazing. Can’t say enough good things about them! This has been a really painless process.

Aaron Buttress

Whitney was absolutely exceptional! Easy to talk to, walked me through the steps and personally called me on the day of my meeting to help make sure I was all set up. The best customer service I've ever received, especially considering the nature of the call. If someone makes you feel comfortable while filing a BK, well that's beyond great. In addition, Mr. Ramirez was equally easy to work with. The fees were quite reasonable and their service is very expedient.

Audrey Therman

Having intercepted The Allmand Family has been one of the next greatest choices I’ve made in 2020. I’ve been treated not as a client, but a human being with dignity and respect! Devin my paralegal is so very professional and courteous. After my encounters with Stefan Miller, Jackie Sweeney and Devin, I’m truly elated and cannot wait you meet Attorney Allmand himself as his staff has been the utmost’ professional, courteous, understanding, explanatory, caring, compassionate, and deserving to handle cases and people as such myself! Thank you Allmand Family I’m appeased you’re have you in my life!


They ALWAYS respond to emails with thorough resolutions to save me time and worry. They have a very strong and willing team.

Lucy Hill

They are very quick to respond to questions and problems you may have, which I definitely appreciate!

Marie Leone

I found them to be responsive, and professional . Also they are rezilliant.

Jennifer Kuss

Everyone at Allmand Law has been extremely helpful, kind, friendly, respectful through every step we've had to make throughout the Bankruptcy process. They are a Christian group that treats their employees well and they will tell you what a blessing it is to work at this firm! It's encouraging to know that the employees enjoy their work and love their company. Therefore, they provide excellent service to their clients! They've always treated us, as clients, with professionalism and we've been able to keep our dignity throughout the entire process. It has truly been a blessing to have found this firm! We highly recommend using their services!