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Is financial trouble hindering you from living your dream life? 

Our Austin bankruptcy attorneys can help.

The Texas state capital of Austin is undeniably a magnet for foodies, music lovers, and families who dream of living in a place where extraordinary culture meets with extra-friendly locals. Thanks to its appealing nature, Austin is voted as one of the top places to live in America. Austinites can spend their day eating barbecues, briskets, queso, and enchiladas, having a picnic, hiking, or just taking a dip in Zilker Park just South of Colorado River. Dubbed as the “live music capital”, Austin cradles great music clubs performing rock, swing, blues, or country throughout the week.

But when your place of living faces the threat of foreclosure, and friendly calls turn into creditor calls, living the life you dreamed of becomes almost impossible. When you’ve exhausted all your resources and feel like you’re facing a dead-end, giving in to your lenders’ demands is NOT the only option. An Austin bankruptcy attorney can help you get protection from creditor harassment and help you start over again.

If you are facing huge piles of debts, filing a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy can be your path to worry-free living.  Imagine spending time with your loved ones at a park instead of curling on your sofa with a calculator and piles of debt in front of you. With the right kind of bankruptcy, you can achieve this dream and eliminate most, if not all, of your debt.

Do you want to save your home from repossession and start over again?

Letting go of your family’s nest is not the only way to relieve yourself from financial troubles. At Allmand Law Firm, PLLC, we offer bankruptcy services to help resolve your credit card debts, medical debt, IRS tax debt, or student loan debt. Our Austin bankruptcy lawyers can also help you deal with car repossession, home foreclosure, creditor harassment, and wage garnishments. We have a team of Texas bankruptcy attorneys handling each case with sensitivity and respect. Our firm has served clients from Dallas, Hurst, Fort Worth, Waco, and the Mid Cities to helped them achieve a financially stable life.

What are you waiting for? Attain a more peaceful future and immerse yourself into the unique living that Austin has to offer. Let our law firm help you explore your options in filing for bankruptcy. Contact an Austin bankruptcy attorney to get started with a FREE case evaluation.

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Allmand Law Firm, PLLC: Reclaiming Your Financial Independence

As a full-service bankruptcy firm, we represent bankruptcy clients coming from Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, El Paso, Midland, San Antonio, Waco, and other areas throughout the state. Our firm places clients as our top priority which is why our attorneys personally evaluate each case to help each debtor find the most appropriate solution befitting individual and family financial circumstances.

Through this individualized approach, we not only provide hope to distressed families but also help them change their lives for the better by gaining financial recovery. We believe that each case is different and unique which is why we’re ready to listen to your story.

Why should you trust Allmand Law Firm?

  • Allmand Law Firm is the largest firm serving bankruptcy filings in Texas
  • Attorneys have handled thousands of bankruptcy cases in Texas
  • Our lawyers have over two decades of experience
  • The firm has been featured on ABC, CBS News, & Fox News
  • Our dedicated legal team gives FREE financial empowerment sessions

Head Attorney Reed Allmand is certified in Consumer Bankruptcy by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Discuss your bankruptcy case with our lead attorney by calling (214) 884-4020!

The Allmand Difference: Financial Health for Texans

Regain financial independence with help from an Austin bankruptcy attorneyAre you going through a rough patch? At Allmand Law Firm, we are committed to ensuring the financial health of Texan households. Simply put, we help good people through bad times Unsure whether a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you? or facing the threat of home foreclosure or property repossession? Speak with our Austin bankruptcy attorney about your situation so we can find the best bankruptcy option for you.

Our Debt Relief and Bankruptcy Services

Whether you’re facing debt collector harassment, property seizure, or unpaid personal loans, our bankruptcy experts can help you navigate through the different options to find the best possible solution. Learn more about the services we offer through the links below:

What You Need to Know About Personal Bankruptcy

Austin bankruptcy attorney, filing chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy

Contrary to popular belief that filing bankruptcy will devastate your financial future by ruining your credit integrity, personal bankruptcy actually allows you to regain control of your life. How? By helping you eliminate your debts or arrive at a viable agreement to help manage payment for pending dues.

The process of filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is pretty straightforward and an Allmand bankruptcy attorney would be happy to explain the process to you personally.  Although declaring bankruptcy is not a one-size-fits-all thing, it can benefit families and individuals like you who are drowning in debt.

Our experienced Austin bankruptcy lawyers can help you decide the best bankruptcy strategy to achieve your envisioned outcome. If you choose a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, then you can have most debts discharged in exchange for giving up certain personal properties that will be placed in the bankruptcy. On the other hand, if you think you can repay your debts if you will only be given more time, then you may consider filing bankruptcy under Chapter 13. This allows you to reorganize your debts under a court-approved repayment plan that is usually spread out between three to five years. And as an icing on the cake, you don’t have to lose any of your assets!

Interested in applying for bankruptcy but unsure which type suits you? Ask our Austin bankruptcy attorneys today and learn how you can achieve the following:

  • No creditor harassment
  • Discharge of most unsecured debts
  • Prevention of property foreclosure
  • Stopping wage garnishment
  • Regaining financial independence

Chapter 7: Liquidation Bankruptcy

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for those who don’t have sufficient income to repay what they owe. Most if not all debts get discharged or written off in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. However, the filer must be willing to give up certain property and have these liquidated to pay back lenders. Anyone who is interested in this type of bankruptcy must pass a Means Test which evaluates your income in relation to your State’s median income level. If you want to know if you’re qualified to apply for bankruptcy, an Austin bankruptcy attorney can walk you through the filing process. We also help clients prepare for the means test.

Chapter 13: Reorganization Bankruptcy

Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often chosen if the debtor has a steady source of income and can manage to pay the debt over a three to five year repayment period. Qualified bankruptcy applicants have enough income to repay their creditors, whose amount of debt does not exceed the limits placed by the state and the bankruptcy laws. Usually, people who don’t qualify under Chapter 7 may utilize the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process. If you have more questions about this type of bankruptcy, feel free to contact our Austin bankruptcy experts.

Bankruptcy Filing Process

Once you’ve decided to declare bankruptcy, you will need to accomplish several bankruptcy forms and submit various personal and financial information to the court. You will also need to attend bankruptcy court hearings plus other procedures. If you are not yet fully decided to pursue your bankruptcy case, a skilled bankruptcy lawyer can assist you in weighing the pros and cons of applying for bankruptcy in Austin, TX.

Here is a quick overview of the steps you’ll go through in a bankruptcy application:

Step 1: Credit Counseling

Complete a credit counseling course within 180 days of declaring bankruptcy. Check that the course provider is approved by the U.S. Trustee’s office and prepare around $25 -$35 for the course. If you are unable to afford credit counseling, you may be eligible for discounts or even a free course.

Step 2: Bankruptcy Petition

File your petition for bankruptcy and pay the fees in the federal bankruptcy court within your area of jurisdiction. You need to declare your income, debts, properties, and assets owned. After filing your bankruptcy application, the bankruptcy court will issue an automatic stay. This order shall effectively halt all creditor collection activities. If you’re dealing with foreclosures or repossessions, the automatic stay provides you protection from any creditor action. It will be illegal for them to give you a call, or a demand for payments. In turn, lenders may try to reach you through your bankruptcy attorney. To avoid any potential complications, make sure that you’re working with a trusted Austin bankruptcy lawyer.

Step 3: Creditors Meeting

Attend your scheduled 341 meeting with creditors. Although it is named after your creditors, it is in fact rare for them to attend this meeting. Usual attendees are comprised of you, the bankruptcy trustee, your bankruptcy lawyer, and your lenders. During the meet, expect to be asked clarification questions as the trustee will need to confirm the accuracy of the information you submitted.

Step 4: Debt Counseling

Attend a second credit counseling session after the creditor’s meeting. This will help you understand your current financial situation and manage your debts moving forward.

Step 5: Confirmation of Bankruptcy Eligibility.

Wait for the court to determine if you are qualified for bankruptcy. The court reviews your bankruptcy information, bankruptcy forms, and other relevant data presented during the meeting of creditors. If you are filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court will check if you passed the Means Test. On the other hand, if you filed bankruptcy under Chapter 13, then the bankruptcy court will calculate how much your secured loans and unsecured debts are worth to determine if you qualify.

Step 6: Court Decision / Debt Discharge

The process of discharging your debts will vary depending on which of the different types of bankruptcy you selected. If you choose Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court will require you to place your assets in a bankruptcy estate to be sold or auctioned off. All proceeds will then be used to pay off creditors. But if you choose Chapter 13, bankruptcy, you will draft a proposed payment plan.

Types of Debts

Austin bankruptcy attorney, filing chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcyNot all debts are discharged through bankruptcy. While some debts are considered “dischargeable”, others are “nondischargeable.” Dischargeable debts include medical bills, credit card balance, personal loans, and utility bill debts. Examples of nondischargeable debt include some tax debt, alimony, child support, and student loans.

Is it possible to wipe our all debts? Yes! If your debts fall under the non-exempt and dischargeable categories, then forgiveness can be achieved through bankruptcy. Our Allmand bankruptcy lawyers can help you understand what kinds of debts you’re dealing with.

Is it possible to eliminate non-dischargeable debts? Unfortunately, this type of debt cannot be eliminated through bankruptcy. But you can manage your payment periods by filing Chapter 13.

Alternatives to Filing Bankruptcy

If you find that bankruptcy is not the right choice for you, a bankruptcy lawyer from Allmand Law Firm can guide you through other alternatives, which may include consolidation of debt, negotiation with creditors to lower debt amount, loan restructuring, and more. Unsure of what to do with your debts? An Austin bankruptcy attorney will lay down each option for you.

Helping you find the best debt relief option

You should let your financial worries ruin your life! Living the Austin life you dreamed of is not impossible if you take the first step today. Speak with one of our trusted Austin bankruptcy attorneys who have more than two decades of experience in improving the financial conditions of families in Texas. We have served and continues to serve clients throughout the entire Texas Area: Dallas / Fort Worth / Austin / El Paso / Midland / San Antonio / Waco and other areas.

Allmand Law offers financial empowerment sessions FREE of charge. Schedule a financial empowerment session, today. At Allmand Law Firm, PLLC, our firm’s number one goal is to help residents get and stay out of debt. Let us help you get through your hardest times.

Serving clients throughout Austin, Texas

We help Austin bankruptcy clients live the lives they dreamed of–free from debt and in control of their finances. Starting over is never too late. Our Texas bankruptcy attorneys will explain how you can take back your financial freedom.

Allmand Bankruptcy attorneys serve individuals and families throughout Austin, Texas.

Austin bankruptcy attorneys filing chapter 13 and 7 bankruptcy in Texas


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