A note from AllmandLaw

We at Allmand Law have chosen to specialize in bankruptcy law, because of the impact we can make in the lives of people in crisis. We know that financial hardships can fall on the best of people at the worst of times through no fault of their own. With one job loss, an illness, or a series of unfortunate situations, good people lose their property, self-esteem, and the support of colleagues, family and friends when they see no way out of their financial dilemmas. But there is a way out.

We are dedicated to restoring options to our clients. Bankruptcy is a solution that can help them keep their homes, automobiles, and self-respect and begin life with a fresh start. Over the years, some of our clients have written us letters—testimonials of the differences our services have made in their lives. We have compiled some of these letters here as a way to assure our clients that they are not alone in their situations. Others have passed before them and have made it through to a bright future. We hope you will take comfort in the words of our satisfied clients, knowing that your prospects are just as bright.

Reed Allmand
Allmand Law Firm, PLLC

I think your staff is God sent; they answered all of my questions and guided me through what I needed to do, from your receptionist to your attorney upstairs.Read More

Billie Shoola

Through the whole process all I got was support. The thing that impressed me the most was that if I had a question or concern I would email or call.Read More

C. Sanusi

I was very desperate when I came to them. The previous attorney did not file a modification last year that I paid them for.Read More

Christia Robinson

Always took the time to answer any and all questions that I had, or went and found out the answer when [they] did not know [themselves].Read More

Dennis Kernaghan Jr.

I came into the office and everyone answered my questions and prepared the free forbearance offer as promised. I paid nothing for the service.Read More

Donnie Hornes

Not only did [Nita] take time to explain things so clearly, but you really provided much needed moral support, and I really appreciate that.Read More

Dorothy Hanson

Efficient and very easy to work with and explained the difference of Debt Consolidation, Chapter 7 and Bankruptcy, and I will never forget our experience.Read More


Don’t trust your mortgage company’s representative. Take the free forbearance offer Mr.Allmand can do for you.Read More

Henry Donald

When I first came into Allmand Law, I was completely distraught. DeeDee took her time and explained everything to me and assured me everything was okay.Read More

Jacqueline Sweeney

I can’t remember your exact slogan; I think it is something like, “helping good people through tough times.” It is clear you all take that slogan very serious.Read More