Signs You Are Working With a Good AttorneyBy this point, we’re assuming that we no longer need to convince you of the importance of working with a professional bankruptcy attorney.  Bankruptcy law is complex and requires the help of an experienced professional if the debtor plans to take full advantage of their exemptions and rights under the law.  But how do you know when you’re working with a bankruptcy attorney who has what it takes to bring your bankruptcy case to a positive conclusion?  Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you’re working with a good bankruptcy attorney:

  1. You may be working with a good bankruptcy attorney, if they take the time to explain to you in simple and easy to understand terms, the bankruptcy process when they first meet you.  This doesn’t mean that they need to go into every little detail, but they should at least give you an overview of what to expect when you go through the bankruptcy process.  A bankruptcy attorney who does not do this is probably someone you shouldn’t work with.
  2. They have proven experience of working successfully on other bankruptcy cases that are similar to your situation.  If your bankruptcy case is complicated by a messy divorce, then you probably want to work with a bankruptcy attorney who has had some experience working with bankruptcy clients who are going through a divorce.
  3. They specialize in bankruptcy.  While it is okay for law firm to deal with other types of legal issues, working with an attorney who only occasionally works on bankruptcy cases could set your case up for failure.  The problem is that bankruptcy law is always in flux.  Laws may change, be added or judges may begin a trend of making certain decisions that you bankruptcy attorney needs to know about if they plan to handle your bankruptcy case successfully. If they are only working on bankruptcy cases occasionally, they simply will not have their hand on the pulse of bankruptcy law.