Am I Eligible for Unemployment if I Quit Due to an Injury?Unemployment benefits are made available to those who lose their job at no fault of their own.  Since each state has regulations regarding eligibility, it’s important to review requirements upon applying.  Some states may only pay if you lose your job involuntarily.

Employers make contributions to unemployment insurance programs that help make benefit payments to those who experience job loss.  The amount contributed by the employer varies depending on if the employee works part-time or full-time.

When a worker becomes unemployed involuntarily it may be defined as someone who left their job due to harassment or work circumstances considered intolerable.  If you quit your job due to being unhappy or lack of job advancement, you may not qualify to receive benefits.  States have different policies regarding unemployment and involuntary termination to determine if unemployment benefits are payable.  You may have to have been employed for a certain period of time and even have made a certain amount of income.

Employers also pay into worker’s compensation insurance.  The coverage allows employees to be compensated for injury to avoid being sued.  The coverage includes medical and disability insurance.  Workers’ compensation is also run individually by each state so this may or may not have an impact on unemployment eligibility.

Workers’ comp is usually filed for when injury is obtained on the job.  This may help cover medical expenses as well as time missed from work.  Employees have a legal right to file for this coverage and leaving your job may forfeit your right to collect.  Questions and concerns can be discussed with a legal expert.

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