According to an article in the Dallas Morning News, the City of Dallas is facing a $100 million budget deficit that may cause them to cut services to close the gap.

The article said:

The first round of proposed cuts has put the jobs of nearly 350 city employees at risk and placed everything from police overtime to Dallas Zoo exhibits on the chopping block. Though City Manager Mary Suhm has said she is not prepared to propose a tax increase, she is considering raising two fees, including 6 percent on average for water service and 9 cents a month for trash pickup

Of course we saw this coming.  The rising number of foreclosures, job losses and loss income in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has put pressure on everyone, including municipalities such as Dallas.  Dallas, along with other cities depend on tax revenues collected from individuals and businesses.

But when residents face job losses , foreclosure and bankruptcy, there are less taxes going to the city to pay for the essential services we’ve come to depend on. There’s no avoiding the pain of this situation.  Dallas will need to cut services and/or implement job losses to close that gaping hole in the budget.

Unfortunately, those city employees who face job losses will no longer be able to fuel of the engine of the city’s economy.  Many of them may even be just a few paychecks away from foreclosure and bankruptcy.  A job loss could send them over the edge.