Unemployment continues to rise, consumer spending is down, foreclosures are rampant and debt has a stranglehold on most Americans. As the economy continues to worsen many Americans are finding themselves in a bad predicament.Many jobs are being loss and many employed workers are facing wage stagnation, or worse deflation. Home values continue to drop so the once seemingly endless supply of “home equity” is no longer available to help pay down ballooning credit card balances and personal loans. What can an ordinary American do to get an edge in an economy that seems to be getting only worse?
Consider bankruptcy. There is no better time to file bankruptcy than now. Bankruptcy was designed to help ordinary debtors who have fallen on hard times and are unable to repay their debt. If you’re drowning in debt and are unable to stay afloat financially, you may be the perfect candidate for bankruptcy.
If you are facing job losses , foreclosure, or wage deflation which is making repayment of debt impossible, you may be the perfect candidate for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy has helped millions of ordinary Americans get a fresh financial start. Why not you?
Don’t wait until unemployment is double digits. Don’t wait until you are the one facing a job loss to consider your bankruptcy options. Don’t wait for the new administration’s stimulus package because it is predicted that it will not be enough to save the economy.
At this point we cannot avoid the pain of a major recession (at best) or depression (at worst). If you are feeling the pressure of mountain debt, contact a bankruptcy attorney today to consider your bankruptcy options.