Former Auto Mogul Pleads Guilty To Bankruptcy Fraud

After former auto mogul Denny Hecker announced that he would be hiring his former attorney again after receiving money from an undisclosed friend, the bankruptcy trustee in the case demanded that Hecker be imprisoned immediately because he is making a mockery of the court system.  The bankruptcy trustee cited the fact that Hecker’s current bankruptcy attorney is being paid for by the government after Hecker allegedly pretended to be broke while living a lavish lifestyle.

Taxpayers have been footing the bill for Hecker’s court-appointed attorney since last April. In the past few weeks, Hecker has been accused of cashing more than $150,000 worth of insurance checks and spending most of it on himself and his girlfriend Christi Rowan.

Now Hecker wants to hire his old attorney, Bill Mauzy, backed with money that an anonymous friend has given him. But now, the U.S. attorney filed court documents asking that Hecker not be allowed to hire Mauzy and that he immediately repay the U.S. government and taxpayers the amount he “stole” to maintain his “country club lifestyle.”

In the motion filed by the bankruptcy trustee he insisted that if Hecker is not jailed he will continue to manipulate the bankruptcy system and steal money from the American taxpayer.  Hecker is already facing imprisonment of up to 10 years in a criminal case to which he pleaded guilty.  But if they bankruptcy trustee gets his motion approved, the former auto tycoon could face immediate imprisonment and could even be forced to pay back the money used to pay for his bankruptcy attorney.