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While Oksana Grigorieva claims she’s strapped for cash, the bankruptcy
trustee overseeing her case claims her monthly expenses are not adding
up. Grigorieva, a Russian singer known as the mother of Mel Gibson’s
child, filed for
bankruptcy recently but the trustee may have found deficiencies related to her debts
and expenses that are raising concerns about her filing.

There are expenses and debts listed trustees are reviewing and even claim
to be “excessive.” Grigorieva listed childcare and school expenses
at $5,000 per month according to court documents. She claims to have spent
roughly $2,000 for repairs to her home. She also listed a Dodge Charger
she claims to make payments on, but the trustee says she owns the car
and makes no payments.

Other questionable concerns include medical coverage and payments. The
trustee is seeking proof she makes payments on health insurance and the
amount of monthly premium payments. Grigorieva claims she pays roughly
$800 per month but the trustee has yet to see proof of this.

Court documents show Grigorieva made charges on her American Express card
from August through October of 2013. During this time she made over $40,000
worth of charges when the card originally had a zero balance. The credit
card company claims she made no payments toward the debt while using the
card. That summer during the month of July and August she incurred charges
totaling over $10,000 but only made a minimum payment after the charges
were completed.

Grigorieva receives $20,000 in child support from Gibson for their daughter
and another $2,500 for her son by Timothy Dalton. Grigorieva is set to
appear in court over her case in April.


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