Bankruptcy and Your Utility Bills

If you have recently experienced a gas or utility disconnection because you were unable to pay your bill, bankruptcy may help in getting service reconnected.  When you file bankruptcy you are required to list all outstanding debt including unpaid utility payments that led to the disconnection.  While in many cases you can get your service restored, there are a few things to keep in mind during the process.

If your utility services have been disconnected for nonpayment bankruptcy may help in getting them back on.  Bankruptcy may also be able to prevent disconnection of utility services through the automatic stay.  In the event of services being disconnected, it is likely the debt associated would be eligible for discharge.  Bankruptcy laws state a utility company cannot discriminate a customer because of their decision to file for protection. Utility companies may not refuse services related to unpaid debt that is likely to be eliminated or discharged during the filing.

When it comes to reconnecting services you may not need to pay a deposit unless the outstanding amount was paid in full by the debtor after the utility was cut-off.  In some cases a utility company may reconnect service if part of the outstanding balance is paid.  What about a reconnection fee? Some may require a bankruptcy debtor to pay a reconnection fee to get service going again.  If you have a utility disconnection or shut-off pending bankruptcy may be an option to consider.  Discuss your situation with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney .