Can’t Afford to File Bankruptcy?

Hiring a Fort Worth or Dallas bankruptcy attorney to help you complete
the filing process is often recommended to ensure a successful outcome.
Many who claim they are unable to pay on their outstanding debt will wonder
how they can afford legal representation.

This is a common reason why debtors will try to file for protection on
their own or “pro se.” Unfortunately, debtors who are unfamiliar
with the complexity of the process, or lack understanding in what the
bankruptcy court expects of them, are more likely to have their case dismissed
with discharge of debt not being granted.

The good news is there are a variety of options to consider in obtaining
legal representation for your filing:

  • Depending on when you decide to file
    bankruptcy you may have time to save up funds prior to filing. While interviewing
    potential lawyers to work with you can use this time to put money away
    that will cover legal fees.
  • Check your local bar association to get information about attorneys who
    provide services free or “Pro Bono.” There may legal services
    in your area that provide assistance for those with limited income.
  • Ask the potential attorney about a payment plan or negotiate a reduced
    fee. Sometimes there may be a task or two related to your filing that
    you can take care of, thus, reducing fees charged by the attorney. If
    this isn’t possible ask about repayment schedule for services rendered.
  • Obtain a loan from a friend or family member. If they are willing to work
    out a payment schedule with you for the fees or cosign a loan to help
    you cover the costs, this can help reduce the burden of paying fees by yourself.