Can I Reopen an Unemployment Claim if I Quit My Job?Reopening an unemployment claim after quitting a job depends on several factors.  It is possible to reopen a claim but usually when employment is gained, you lose eligibility for benefits.  Depending on your reason for leaving employment, you may be able to reopen your claim if there is a claim balance remaining.  The reason for reopening must be recognized by state guidelines in order to be approved.

Reopening a claim may depend on the benefit year the claim was opened.  If you had an unemployment claim open but later in the year you gained employment but left your job in the same time period, you may be eligible. If the year has ended, this would be considered refiling a claim; many unemployed individuals tend to get reopening and refiling mixed up.

The process involved with reopening a claim may vary. Some states allow for workers to continue the process online with their assigned PIN number and username that was used regularly when submitting weekly claims.  Other states may require you to call the claims office to speak with a representative.   The approval process is quicker since most information is already on file.  The concern would be the reason why employment ended to determine eligibility.

The claim balance is the amount you are approved to receive during unemployment.  You may be approved for a certain amount for a certain time period with the amount paid out weekly.  If you have funds remaining it is likely you’ll be able to reopen the claim and collect the remaining funds.  Reasons for leaving your job may include action from your employer such as discrimination or changes to working terms.

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