Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Ojani Noah has announced that he is filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy so that he can sell his racy photos and videos of J-Lo acquired during their marriage. Ed Mayer, Noah’s business partner has accused J-Lo and her attorneys of using litigation and Lopez’s celebrity status as a way to engage in spousal abuse against Noah. He also suggested that the bankruptcy filing will allow Noah to get access to the money he needs to pay his debts.
“Ojani is planning to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy so that he can force the federal bankruptcy trustee to sell his share of the Jennifer Lopez ‘racy’ home videos, plus hundreds and hundreds of unseen and ‘racy’ candid still photos of JLo, and Ojani’s tell-all book manuscript about JLo at a public bankruptcy auction, to the highest bidder,” Mayer said.

Currently, Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband Noah are in a court battle about the videos and photos. A court order has prevented Noah from releasing the tapes. While it is not clear what Noah’s financial situation is, it is highly doubtful that a bankruptcy court would allow Noah to use the bankruptcy process as a method of subverting another court or as a means to “getting back” at a former spouse. However, if Lopez’s former husband is in fact “broke” and in need of bankruptcy protection he does have the right to file bankruptcy and the bankruptcy court will look at all of his assets and decide whether or not they should be liquidated. But private photos and videos that were not intended to be made public and that were marital property probably won’t be auctioned off to pay off Noah’s debts. But on the other hand, the outcome of the court battle over the photos and video footage is still pending so at this point it is not exactly clear how the bankruptcy court would handle the issue of the video footage and photos.