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The ex-husband of “Real Housewives of Orange County’s” Tamra Barney has been hit with a bankruptcy dismissal after failing to deliver documents to the bankruptcy court. Her ex-husband filed for bankruptcy last year, but now he has just been denied by the court and has been issued a “notice of dismissal” for failing to “file schedules, statements and/or plan for the bankruptcy,” reports Radar Online. The court responded with the following statement that reads, “The case is dismissed, the automatic stay is vacated and all pending motions and adversary proceedings are moot and dismissed.”

Failing to follow through on a bankruptcy filing doesn’t just spell disaster for “ordinary” debtors, it can be bad news for celebrity figures who also need the relief bankruptcy provides. It’s important to note that bankruptcy does not give “favors” to the rich or famous. All are required to follow the rules and guidelines spelled out by the bankruptcy code or face a dismissal of their case and lose protection from their creditors.

Tamra Barney was able to use bankruptcy to her benefit when she filed last year, avoiding foreclosure and discharging many of her debts. But it was only possible because she worked with a bankruptcy attorney and did her part to provide the documents necessary in bankruptcy. If she had failed to submit essential elements such as her schedules, statements and bankruptcy repayment plan, she too would have faced a dismissal of her bankruptcy case.

Debtors who are finding it challenging to gather the necessary documents for their bankruptcy case should contact their bankruptcy attorney immediately so that he/she can help them through the process.