Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Garland, TX

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Garland, TXPreparing to file for bankruptcy isn’t the only reason to consider scheduling a consultation with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer Garland, TX residents trust. You should also connect with the experienced Texas legal team at The Allmand Law Firm, PLLC if you are navigating a Chapter 13 case dismissal. If your case has either been dismissed or is at risk of being dismissed, don’t panic. This scenario is more common than you might think. At this point, your job is to act quickly to preserve your legal options. Our firm’s Garland, TX Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer team can help you to accomplish this critically important goal.

Chapter 13 Case Dismissals – Considerations

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy case can be dismissed for a variety of reasons. Perhaps most commonly, cases are dismissed when debtors fail to make their payments on time. This is a scenario that can be successfully managed (in most cases) if filers are proactive. If you’re having trouble making your payments because your financial situation has evolved, connect with our firm (if possible) before your case is dismissed. We may be able to get your repayment schedule altered so that it is manageable again. Getting back on track whenever possible, is ideal.

Additionally, cases may be dismissed if debtors fail to provide the court or trustee with requested forms, fail to file their taxes, or meet other deadlines as required by the court. If you’re struggling to meet a deadline, talk to us. We may be able to help. Additionally, cases can be dismissed during the filing process if the debtor doesn’t complete education requirements or attend the meeting of creditors. If you’re being represented by a different firm and their actions are leading to your case dismissal, please come speak with us. Again, we may be able to help.

Note that if your case is dismissed, you’ll no longer be shielded by the protections of the automatic stay. You may also be barred from refiling or you may be subject to a more restricted version of the automatic stay in the event that you’re allowed to refile. However, it might be possible to refile or convert your case. We’ll be able to advise you of your options once we better understand your unique circumstances.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case has either been dismissed or is at risk of dismissal, connect with our firm today. Acting quickly can help to ensure that you can respond effectively to the threat of an unsuccessful bankruptcy case. It’s also important to act quickly because you may be barred (for a period of time) from refiling a new bankruptcy case for some time if your original case fails outright. You chose to file for bankruptcy for good reasons. It’s important to act so that you can meet the goals you originally set out to achieve when you submitted your original bankruptcy petition. Our firm takes great pride in helping debtors through all aspects of the bankruptcy process, including dismissal-related challenges. Don’t wait – connect with our Garland, TX Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer team today.