Last month there was an interesting case in Ohio involving a bankruptcy Attorney who was permanently disbarred from the practice of law because of his repeated misconduct. The latest mishap involved debtors filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy . The debtors paid the bankruptcy attorney $750 in fees and $300 in costs but the bankruptcy attorney failed to promptly file the Chapter 7 bankruptcy case and when he did file the bankruptcy case he did not file it properly. Because of the bankruptcy attorney’s lack of professionalism, the debtors’ case was dismissed.
When making the decision to file bankruptcy it is very important to choose your bankruptcy attorney wisely. Does he/she have a good reputation? Does he/she have prior disciplinary actions against them? What do his/her former clients have to say? The best bankruptcy attorneys have a history of professionalism and success with other clients. They are often involved in their field and in the community helping Americans get a fresh financial start. Before making a decision about which bankruptcy attorney you will choose make sure you do your homework. The cost of choosing the wrong bankruptcy attorney is too high to leave chance, so make an informed decision.