Getting the outcome you deserve for your financial situation includes having the right legal representation in your corner. Taking time to choose a good bankruptcy attorney may save you headache and frustration down the road. Debtors have been known to choose an attorney based on an advertisement, price or claims in what they say you can get.
You owe it to yourself and your financial future to look for a quality attorney who can take the time to help you instead of working with someone who gives false promises.

If you are thinking about bankruptcy consider the following points in helping you review your options in further detail:

Affordability can be a factor but you shouldn’t rely on this alone. Even though many debtors will consider cost in choosing their attorney, this is where the get what you pay for element comes into view. You need to have a thorough understanding about where your money is going and how they pay for services provided. Make sure you understand terms set in the agreement. An attorney considered cheap or offering really low prices for services compared to others in the area could be a red flag.

Experience is important but the length of time practiced shouldn’t be considered alone. Some attorneys have experience practicing law in different areas, but it helps to work with someone who really is an expert in bankruptcy standards. In other words, consider those with limited practices who may have more focus on bankruptcy ethics.

Knowledge you can understand related to any changes within the bankruptcy code. Many debtors still have questions about the 2005 changes or any recent changes that could affect how they proceed with their case. You deserve to work with an attorney that can provide details in terms you can understand. You may even get a better understanding on why credit counseling courses are now required for filers.

Choose an attorney you can be comfortable with during the filing process and one that shows genuine interest in your concerns. Use free consultation opportunities to further investigate potential candidates.