Maybe you’re not ready for bankruptcy-or even a good case for it, but you’re still suffering from high debt that makes it impossible to pay the really important bills like rent, electricity, gas, or food. You might want to try and “settle” your credit card bills . When you owe a lot of money in back payments and there is a legitimate reason for it (job loss, divorce, medical emergency ), many times the credit card companies will settle your debt for thousands less than what you owe. To them, some money is better than no money and will usually come around during negotiations if you have a large lump sum to offer.
There are a lot of shady companies out there that will take your money to negotiate for you and you just end up in a stink of legal trouble for your efforts. We’ve helped a lot of consumers lower their debt through settlement. Credit card companies play hardball when they think there is more money to squeeze out of you. We’re here to help you get in the game. We know the tricks of their trade and can get you a settlement that you both can live with.

So if you’ve already decided against bankruptcy and have money that can go towards settlement, either through a family loan or tax return, you may wish to try to negotiate a debt settlement. Sure it stings watching the money go out the door with seemingly nothing to show for it, but that first night’s sleep without the worries of collections or legal action against should be all the incentive you need.

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