As more and more debtors search for ways to cut their expenses, the number of people representing themselves in bankruptcy cases is skyrocketing across the country. These Pro Se cases are no longer limited to simple small claims against Mom and Pop shops; but many debtors are attempting to go up against some of the most powerful creditors in bankruptcy court. This trend has created chaos in many court systems as courts become clogged with bankruptcy filings done improperly. And debtors totally unfamiliar with complex bankruptcy law slow down the process and create devastating consequences for themselves that are expensive and have long-term implications.Many pro se debtors filing for bankruptcy unwittingly make mistakes that allow creditors to take advantage of their ignorance and cause their bankruptcy cases to be dismissed or even end up owing more money in the long-run. Any debtor considering filing for bankruptcy pro se should at least speak with a bankruptcy attorney first. Not knowing the bankruptcy law and procedures is like taking a gamble with you and your family’s financial future.