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When you file for bankruptcy keep in mind there are specific actions required
by the debtor to complete in order to obtain a successful discharge. In
this case, it often includes attending the meeting of creditors (also
known as the 341 meeting of creditors). But under certain circumstances
you may be able to have the meeting rescheduled or completed through another
form of communication such as through written communication, telephone,
an authorized representative or video conference.

This meeting is important as it gives the bankruptcy court, along with
creditors and the bankruptcy trustee, a further look into your financial
situation. You will be examined under oath by answering questions. In
many cases, if you fail to appear at this meeting your case may get dismissed
without getting debts discharged. There are certain exceptions you would
need to meet in order to not appear at the meeting.

You may be excused from attending if a family or medical emergency occurs,
incarceration, natural disaster, incapacity, military service or something
similar in nature that is compelling. Depending on your jurisdiction and
reason, it may be rescheduled in the future, or another form of communication
may be authorized to complete the meeting. For whatever reason you think
you may not be able to attend the meeting of creditors you should bring
it to the attention of your attorney or trustee as soon as possible. In
many cases it is just a matter of rescheduling or you can appear in a
different compacity.


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