Dodgers And MLB Begin Deposition In what appears to be a clear case of lack of communication in the Dodgers Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, both sides, (the Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and the MLB Chief) have quickly submitted to the court requests to depose the other side.

MLB filed papers Friday with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del., seeking to depose McCourt and asking the team to turn over documents. In demanding testimony and information, the league and the Dodgers’ ownership appear to be preparing for a crucial fight in bankruptcy court over control of the team.

Schieffer is among the seven MLB officials the Dodgers have sought to depose. Those depositions are scheduled for next week in the New York offices of the Dodgers’ attorneys…

Both sides have been openly hostile already during this bankruptcy with the MLB not bothering to hide the fact that they want to unseat the Dodgers’ current owner, Frank McCourt. It is suspected that the deposition and the request for documents is part of a larger effort to replace the owner who has been accused of using the baseball team’s assets to settle his divorce issues.

But it is not clear whether or not the bankruptcy trustee is leaning towards agreeing to what the MLB wants, yet.  What is clear is that McCourt has no intention of walking away from the Dodgers without a fight.  And if there is a fight about the ownership of this bankrupt baseball team we could see a lengthy bankruptcy battle complete with even more drama than the Texas Rangers bankruptcy case.

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