LA Dodgers Fans Appeal To Bankruptcy Trustee To In a bankruptcy case that has already become heated, Dodgers baseball fans are adding fuel to the fire.  In several letters filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, several Dodgers fans appealed to the bankruptcy trustee to oust the team’s current owner, Frank McCourt.

“I beg you Mr. Gross to please do the right thing and…put the team up for auction to someone who will no doubtedly [sic] manage this once jewel of the West Coast to what it needs to be, the Yankees of the West,” wrote Michael D. Evans, a Farmers Insurance Group agent from Artesia, Calif. He wrote in on company letterhead.

“As a lifelong baseball fan growing up in Los Angeles, I implore you to side with Major League Baseball and demand that Frank McCourt immediately begin proceedings that will separate him from his place as owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers,” wrote Colin True of Van Nuys, Calif.

One letter even spoke of an 8,000 fan boycott of games if McCourt is not ousted.  Some fans accused the embattled Dodgers owner of using the assets of the team to fund his luxurious lifestyle, a charge that McCourt fervently denies.  But McCourt’s denials haven’t stopped some fans from seemingly joining forces with (or at least agreeing with) the MLB on a desire to see the current Dodgers owner unseated.

But while the bankruptcy trustee in the case may sympathize with the fans’ concern over the Dodgers bankruptcy case and the future of the team, the letters aren’t likely to influence the outcome of the case.

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