Do's and Don'ts When Facing The Repo Man

What You Can and Can’t do to Repo Men

If the repo man shows up at your door to repossess your vehicle , you need to be prepared. There are too many incidents where debtors end up behind bars or hurt because of an altercation with a repo man.

Don’t let that happen to you, below are a few do’s and don’ts when dealing with the repo man:

  1. Do not try to reason with, argue with or harass in anyway the repo man. Repo men who operate in Texas are not licensed, that means that they are probably not trained on human relations and entering into a conflict with one could land you in the hospital or in jail. This is not to say that repo men are inherently violent or unprofessional; but only to say that since that industry is not regulated and licensed, you are literally dealing with a “wild card” when a repo man shows up to repossess your vehicle.
  2. Do know your rights before the repo man has showed up to your door for the repossession of your vehicle. In the state of Texas you can face repossession even if you are one payment late.  While repossession may not happen after only one late payment, it is still possible because it is legal.
  3. Do not attempt to go out and negotiate a settlement with your repo man during your repossession.  Running out the door with your payment in hand is not going to stop the repossession of your vehicle.  You must contact your lender and work out a settlement if you want to get your car back.
  4. Do contact a bankruptcy attorney if you feel that you are unable to pay your car note due to other mounting debts. If you have income and are able to pay your car note if your unsecured debts are forgiven, bankruptcy may benefit you. But please inquire about bankruptcy before the repo has showed and repossessed your vehicle.