As the number of job losses and foreclosures rise, the population of homeless people is reaching record numbers. That’s why, according to an article in the Dallas Morning News, Texas’ eight largest cities are trying to convince the state legislators to invest $25 million a year on housing and services (such as mental healthcare) for Texas’ growing homeless population.

The article said:

Texas ranks 48th nationwide in spending on mental health care for the poor. And while there’s a price to pay for the help that the homeless need, a proactive approach ultimately should prove more cost-effective.

Dallas, which hopes to receive about $3 million per year from the state, would spend that money on services at the Dallas Bridge, mental health and substance abuse programs and the development of permanent supportive housing.

Many Americans are beginning to rely on homeless services offered by the state and private charities as the number of foreclosures and job losses increase. Many of these homeless families may have one or more family members who need mental health services. With no home, job or healthcare, it can be difficult for a homeless person to get the mental healthcare he/she needs.

What many people don’t realize is that financial pressure can aggravate or even become the cause of mental health issues, such as anxiety disorders, panic attacks and depression. Foreclosure, job losses and even bankruptcy can put a tremendous amount of psychological pressure anyone. Texas’ legislators need to make this investment in the homeless for the sake of those who are currently homeless and those who may in the future become homeless due to foreclosure or other life circumstances.