Debtors who are deaf or blind may wonder if they can easily file for bankruptcy. Yes, debtors with disabilities have the right to file for bankruptcy even if that disability may encumber them from reading documents or hearing court proceedings. Under the American Disabilities Act the bankruptcy court is required by law to provide an interpreter or legal documents in Braille to you at no cost. Braille documents and/or an interpreter will be provided to you (at no cost) by your attorney before your first bankruptcy court appearance and the bankruptcy court will pay for an interpreter/Braille documents once you go to court.The Americans Disabilities Act is an important piece of legislation that helps keep bankruptcy accessible to all without regard to ability or physical handicap. When dealing with the bankruptcy court make sure that you assert your rights to have an interpreter/Braille documents so that you are fully aware of what is happening in the proceedings and know all of your rights under the bankruptcy law.