Allison Mathis, the ex-girlfriend of Miami Heat star Chris Bosh files bankruptcy protection. She is the mother of a 5-year old child fathered by Bosh. She reportedly receives child support payments from Bosh for their child in the amount of $3,000 a month, but many may see this as mere pennies since the NBA star signed a contract worth $109 million.

Mathis filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection in Florida with documents related to her filing detailing poverty pleadings. In the last few years the couple has been in a bitter legal battle over custody of their child including child support payments. Mathis is employed as a part-time research assistant while owing creditors close to $290,000. She claims to have assets valued at roughly $320,000.

Her monthly income is close to $4,000 with monthly expenses just over $1,600. Her assets include a checking account with $1,250 and a savings account with $18,000. Jewelry and furniture are valued at $3,700 and owes $15,000 on a 2007 BMW. Her home located in Windermere, Florida is owed $284,000.

Mathis monthly income breaks down to $3,000 in child support while making $800 per month at her part-time job. She stated she receives $500 a month from family members to supplement her earnings. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against her by Bosh when she claimed she wanted to appear on the reality show “Basketball Wives” but it was tossed out by the judge. Mathis claims legal drama surrounding her situation caused her to be dropped from the show.


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