Joblessness is increasing rapidly throughout the Dallas- Fort Worth area and around the country prompting an emergency extension of unemployment benefits. On November 26, 2008, The Texas Workforce commission (TWC) announced that they will be notifying jobless claimants that they may qualify for seven additional weeks of unemployment benefits. Jobless claimants in Texas can request an extension of their benefits at .

Prompted by rising and extended joblessness President Bush approved legislation extending seven weeks of emergency unemployment benefits to the jobless who have used all of their benefits and are still unable to find employment. The emergency unemployment benefits are being funded by the Federal government and employers will not be charged for any claims paid on the extension.

This is a great opportunity for Dallas-Fort Worth jobless residents facing prolonged unemployment to take action about their financial situation. Many of the jobless still have mortgages, car loans and credit card payments to make despite having no income. This is the time to consider a Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you are unemployed and have been that way for an extended amount of time. Talk to your Dallas- Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney who you can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a jobless debtor.