Family Members Reaching Out for HelpWhether they have insurance or not many people find their loved ones owing tens of thousands in medical debt. Not only do loved ones try to find ways to pay off their loved ones medical bills, but neighbors and friends also often pitch in as well. Deductibles, co-pays, outside of network expenses, expensive drugs, and the list goes on and on, about how the patient’s medical debt can quickly add up.

Just this past April, on Easter Sunday, Jessica Sharpe was in an auto accident while traveling home from Easter diner. Emergency personnel spent about two hours in trying to remove her from the car. She was pinned between the dashboard and the floorboard.

Once freed, they flew her over to Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center where she received all sorts of medical treatment for a duration of 35 days. This included traction machines, 13 operations, healing of burns caused from battery acid, skin grafts, and much more.

She had 17 bones that were broken in car wreck as well as compound fractures. Not only will she always have scars but 7 rods, dozens of screws, 7 plates, and pins that will be within her forever, holding her together.

Unfortunately, Sharpe has used up almost all of her $500,000 insurance policy which covered her $385,000 hospital bill but will not carry her a long way considering the rehabilitation, medications, and other specialists she will need to visit and continue to see throughout the rest of her life.

Being just 20 years of age, her friends, neighbors and family members have held fundraisers in trying to help her pay off her medical debt. While a car wash fundraiser, coverage for travel expenses, and other charitable donations have helped her situation, there are many other people who share the same story who will not get any sort of medical assistance or help.

Her mother points out that it is truly is sad when someone has to choose between being healed or going broke!

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