According to an article in Dallas-Fort Worth News, many Americans fearing job losses are heading to the doctor before their medical benefits run out. Doctors are use to seeing in influx of end-of-the-year patients eager to use their flex-spending medical dollars but the rush of patients has stopped.

The article said:

Doctors at Frisco Primary Care said they are doing 90 percent more physical exams this year compared to the same time last year. Dr. Suba Narayanan, an internal medicine doctor, said the economy has affected the practice in a major way. “We are also seeing more patients self-pay. When people pay the full amount for their care, it limits how much they want — or can afford — to spend. It also affects our decision-making, because sometimes we recommend tests that they can’t afford at that time…Medical school never prepares you for this, but it’s reality,” Narayanan said.

Unfortunately, it is reality. Many Americans fearing job losses which will put their medical benefits at risk are rushing to get what medical care they can while they still have a job. Life without medical benefits becomes a lot more risky. Anyone who has been forced to file bankruptcy because of unpaid medical debt knows the pain of being uninsured.

Those who have already lost their jobs and can’t afford Cobra are already living much more riskier lives without insurance for themselves or their children. Many Americans who have suffered from job losses are choosing between medical insurance and repaying their debts which is not a good situation. Fortunately, bankruptcy can help Americans facing job losses and medical debt get a fresh financial start. If you are facing medical debt and a job loss contact a bankruptcy attorney today.