FHA Working to Help Foreclosure LossesThe Federal Housing Administration (FHA) knows that the housing problem across the United States is not just causing problems for homeowners but is at the core of the financial problems across the entire country. To try and remedy some of this malaise they are working to reverse some of the losses that a foreclosure can bring.

Through the FHA’s  National Servicing Center  you can find some programs designed specifically for FHA homeowners. Together with your FHA lender you may be able to find some government sponsored creative solutions to avoid foreclosure.

The Loss Mitigation Services group can help find the right program for you and can help inform your loan servicer at the same time about the possible alternatives available to you. These programs are for all FHA insured homeowners who are facing a financial hardship and are either in default currently or at risk of default.

Through the FHA there are a few avenues you can pursue; a home retention route, a loan modification program, and a home equity conversion mortgage program. All of these programs can help you keep your home. If not keeping your home seems like the best option and you feel that it is just a burden you can’t afford, but you want to avoid the foreclosure then contacting the FHA may also be a viable solution.

If you have an FHA insured home it’s best to learn what programs are available to you before you desperately need them, so at the first sign of trouble you should contact the FHA through its National Servicing Center.

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