Bank Statements May Actually Jeopardize Your Bankruptcy

When debtors file for bankruptcy many don’t realize that the bankruptcy trustee may request a copy of the debtor’s bank statements covering the previous 60 days before they filed for bankruptcy. This is where your bank statements may actually jeopardize your bankruptcy case. Before filing bankruptcy many debtors have been completely careless with their spending and their bank statements often reveal that they not only did not make a good faith effort to pay their debts; but they are also spendthrifts.
For example, prior to filing bankruptcy some debtors pay for dinner at expensive restaurants, buy expensive designer clothes, purchase pricey spa treatments, shop at gourmet grocery stores and stock up on other non-essential items all paid with their debit card, within the 60 days prior to filing bankruptcy.

Watch How You Spend Your Money

Buying expensive, non-essential items with your debit card before filing bankruptcy leaves a paper trail that may lead the bankruptcy court to dismiss your case. If you’re planning to file for bankruptcy and have a habit of purchasing expensive, non-essential items on your debit card, you need to stop BEFORE you file bankruptcy.

Suspect That Your Bank Statements May Jeopardize Your Bankruptcy Case?

If you suspect that your bank statements may jeopardize your bankruptcy case, speak with a bankruptcy attorney about what you can do to decrease the chances of your bankruptcy case being dismissed. If you would like to set up a free consultation about your bankruptcy case you can either call us or fill out our contact form .