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The first thing that enters everyone’s mind when evaluating just about everything in life is: how much does it cost?  Legal fees are never cheap, that is true.  We try to keep our cost down as much as possible because we know the situation our clients are in.  After all, if you had money you probably wouldn’t need to file for bankruptcy!

We went into this line of business because we felt it was a way to serve, a way to help the poor in our community doing what we were schooled and trained to do.  Understand right now that we want to help you, but just like you we too have rent and utilities to pay.  We also have a wonderful staff that supports us and you throughout your bankruptcy case, all of whom need to get paid a decent, living wage.  As much as we’d love to help you for free, we can’t.  What we can do, however, is give you a few ideas of how to get the money for your case.

One method that I always suggest to people (and usually get looked at like I have two heads) is to throw a yard sale.  You would be surprised at how much money people can make with a Saturday sale on a nice day.  If you’ve got a good spread, items presented in an attractive manner, maybe even some grilled hot dogs to lure the folks in you can literally make thousands in a single weekend to support your case.  Throw up a donation jar and you might even make more.  Everyone loves a yard sale.

Along those same lines, there is also Ebay.  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, as they say.  There is always something you own that someone else wants.  Look through Ebay at items that you currently own just to see what they’re fetching on Ebay.  If it is enough to justify the trouble, you might want to sell it. Bankruptcy provides you with a fresh start, but you have to get there first.