Debt Collector

Steps to conquering debt:

  1. The first step to conquering debt that has gotten out of control is to get honest with yourself.  Take the time to find out how much you owe, how much you earn and what the real gap is in between.  One of the biggest shockers debtors experience when they file bankruptcy is just how indebted they really are compared to what they had imagined.  Don’t engage in self-deception, get to the root of the truth now.
  2.  Create A Budget. Whether you decide to file bankruptcy or not, creating a feasible budget is the key to conquering debt.  After creating a budge, many debtors realize is that it is just not feasible to pay their debts on their current salary and eat and pay other essential bill such as the mortgage.
  3. Don’t delay the inevitable. Whatever your plans are for conquering debt, don’t delay.  This is especially true in most cases for filing bankruptcy.  The longer you wait the worse your debt troubles will become.  Remember, when you delay filing bankruptcy or paying off debt, you give your creditors more time to file a lawsuit, garnish your wages or take other aggressive collections actions against you.
  4. Get professional advice.  None of us know everything and that is especially true when it comes to debt issues.  So take the time and energy to consult a professional about your debt troubles.  A professional bankruptcy attorney can help you figure out if bankruptcy is a good choice for you financial situation.
  5. Don’t waste your money on “get out of debt easy” scams. Individuals and families struggling with debt have become easy targets for would be con artists who falsely promise they can help debtors get rid of debt at a price.  Don’t believe them, only bankruptcy can legally discharge your debts and give you fresh financial start.