Foreclosure Crisis Turns ViolentAccording to an article at ABC News, the foreclosure crisis has just taken an ugly and violent turn as two mortgage loan agents claim that they were attacked, tortured and robbed by disgruntled homeowners facing foreclosure .

The article said:

“A California couple and three accomplices were charged in the case. They are accused of beating and torturing the two loan-modification agents, whom they believe defrauded them and did nothing to help them keep their home in a Los Angeles suburb from going into foreclosure, prosecutors said.”

The two loan agents claim they were held for hours, beaten with wooden knuckles and threatened with a gun.  Both men have been treated and released from a local hospital. The suspects are facing prosecution.

This story is a truly sad and tragic one.  Most homeowners facing foreclosure don’t turn to violent means; but this incident is a symptom of a large amount of anger that is growing amongst Americans facing foreclosure. When the foreclosure crisis first began many mortgage lenders offered “cash for keys” in an effort to assuage angry homeowners facing foreclosure. At the time, damaging a home that had succumbed to foreclosure was somewhat of a trend amongst frustrated homeowners. Hopefully, beating and torturing mortgage lenders won’t be the next trend.