Actor Gary Dourdan, 45, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in late August of this year after apparently dealing with mounting debt problems. He is most known for being a part of the hit Emmy Award-winning series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”  It is estimated that he owes over a million to several creditors which include a bank mortgage that may be in default.

Documents related to the filing claim Dourdan has roughly $1.8 million in assets that include books, furniture, watches, clothing and a 2006 Dodge Charger with an estimated value of $7,000.  His assets also include about $3,000 in a bank account and $200 cash.

Filing documents claim the actor owes creditors about $1.7 million. Most creditors owed are bank institutions with one being the holder of his mortgage which may be in default. Dourdan claims he only has about $300 in disposable income. This is the amount that is supposedly left over after he pays expenses and bills from his $15,000 monthly income.

The filing took place in late August to prevent Dourdan’s Venice, CA home from being auctioned by Wells Fargo Bank. Supposedly, on the day the auction was scheduled to take place the bankruptcy petition was also filed. The actor has had other financial issues in the past including being sued for credit card debt in 2010. The actor claims he anticipates other acting gigs in the future which may help him pay down his debt.


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