Janice Dickinson, 58, also known as the world’s first supermodel, filed for
bankruptcy protection after owing creditors close to $1 million. Her creditors include
the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and unpaid bills from plastic surgery
performed by multiple doctors. Dickinson is known as one of the most successful
models in the world when her modeling career kicked off in the late 1970s
after being turned down several times by model guru Eileen Ford.

Documents related to the filing state Dickinson owes multiple creditors
with the IRS being the largest while being owed roughly $500,000 in unpaid
taxes that accumulated over the past decade. Back taxes are also owed
to California and New York state. Other creditors include Beverly Hills
dermatologist Arnold Klein for $8,000 for Botox injections and another
$8,000 to a Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Center. Dickinson has dealt with
other financial woes including $43,000 tax lien in January 2012. She was
facing eviction after falling behind 3 months’ rent on her Los Angeles
home which was close to $6,000.

Dickinson was turned down several times by Eileen Ford before eventually
being signed with Ford Models in 1978. She has graced the cover of
Vogue magazine 37 times. She is also known for various television appearances
and shows including being a judge on
America’s Next Top Model and starting her own agency with the show
The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. It is rumored that she may have undergone most cosmetic/plastic surgery
procedures including lip and fat injections and face, eye, and brow lifts.


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