According to article in the Star-Telegram, a new poll revealed that 41 percent of Americans said that the government’s foreclosure prevention plan which gave $50 billion to banks as in incentive to lower borrowers’ monthly payments, has failed to reduce the number of foreclosures. Only 28 percent of those surveyed said that the foreclosure prevention plan is working.

Those numbers aren’t surprising giving the fact that almost everyone knows someone who is at risk of foreclosure or who has already suffered a foreclosure. Many can recount horror stories about banks that are uncooperative in helping borrowers avoid foreclosure . These stories are more than anecdotal as the number of foreclosures continues to rise and the number of homeowners receiving loan modifications that prevent foreclosure is actually decreasing.

For homeowners facing foreclosure, time is a very precious commodity that is in short supply. Foreclosures can happen quickly and often the process to receive foreclosure help through the government programs can take a long time, involving lots of paperwork and waiting. And it has been rumored that some unscrupulous mortgage lenders never respond to homeowners who need foreclosure relief.

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