Free Healthcare ServicesHealthcare bills are a growing crisis among Americans, even those with insurance are having a hard time paying their medical expenses . One of the best ways to combat medical debt is by taking advantage of as much free healthcare as you possibly can. Typically these free medical services are preventative or diagnostic in nature, which means that you not only will get the free care, but you may be better poised to head off serious illnesses before they get out of control.

Where to Find Free Healthcare

While you may know about a few free healthcare services, like flu shots offered through your employer, you may not be aware of other free services. If you’re looking for free healthcare you should first talk to your healthcare provider or their office to see what they offer and what other places they recommend. They will be on top of a lot of this information. Also check with your pharmacist to see what they can tell you, quite frequently pharmacies will offer free health screenings throughout the year. Your employer may offer more free healthcare than just flu shots, check with the HR department to see what is available. If your city has a free health clinic, check with them to see about free preventative care and any other services they provide. And finally, check online. You’ll find charity and government groups offer free mammograms, pap tests and prostate screenings for certain genders and age groups.

What Free Healthcare to Look For

Sure, free healthcare sounds wonderful, but what kind of free healthcare can you get? Flu shots are everywhere and are something to consider, especially if you fall into one of the risk groups. People over 40 should begin looking for free cancer screenings, for women pap tests and breast exams; for men colorectal and prostate cancer screenings. Pharmacies often offer free blood pressure, diabetes tests and other similar routine checks; even if you do these at home regularly, getting a professional baseline routinely is a good idea.

Take advantage of all free services you can find, not only does it help you get a handle on your health, but by proving that such programs are needed and useful you may help keep them around.