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Financial Crisis Can Hit Anyone at Any Time

The Truth About Bankruptcy

“I want you to read this book and come away feeling empowered. I’m going to show you that there is life during and after bankruptcy.” – Reed Allmand

Your are not alone.

Bankruptcy is meant to give financially overwhelmed consumers a fresh start. However, many people are embarrassed and humiliated by the prospect of filing because, like you, they truly want to pay their bills. They are not dishonest people looking for an easy way out. They are hard-working people who have run into hard times and are looking for some relief.

Many Texans Already Know the Truth:

11,880 Texans Filed Chapter 7 in 2021 66%
6,120 Texans Filed Chapter 13 in 2021 34%


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At Allmand Law, we understand that the average person is one job loss or one emergency away from the need for a bankruptcy attorney. Our number one goal is to make sure our clients benefit from our services and receive the fresh start they deserve.

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