The Federal Trade Commission has filed two lawsuits against individuals and businesses falsely claiming to homeowners that they will stop foreclosure. One of the lawsuits was filed in Texas.

Some of the false claims made by the foreclosure scammers include:

“We are so confident of our abilities to provide you with a solution in stopping your foreclosure that we guarantee our services in writing to you.”

“We can stop any foreclosure regardless of how much is owed.”

“We have stopped foreclosures all over the country.”

“Special relations we have with many mortgage banks expedite case approvals within 24 hours.”

These claims are not just outrageous, they’re completely bogus. We’ve talked about this issue before; but many homeowners are getting desperate and hope beyond hope that their foreclosure issue can be “fixed” by these scammers. There are only a few ways to fix or stop a foreclosure and one of them is filing bankruptcy. If someone claims that they can “guarantee” that your foreclosure will be stopped, don’t walk, run away from this individual because they are most likely a scammer. If you are facing foreclosure don’t listen to or give money to foreclosure scammers, speak with a Dallas bankruptcy attorney today to discover what options you have to save your home.